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Jan 4, 2010

Perfect World Auto Speech Hack

Do you need auto speech hack perfect world ? With auto speech hack, you can do activities botting perfect world. To use auto speech :
1. open file auto.ini
2. fill word available on the key
3. Run "Auto SPeech.exe", then the desired timer setting

Remember, time don't fast and setting between 30-60 seconds

download auto speech



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Dec 7, 2009

Dual Client Hack Perfect World

Do you looking for dual client hack perfect world ? Now, You can login perfect with program multi element and don't detect. How to use dual client pw :
1. download dual client file
2. open file game_renamer.exe

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Nov 18, 2009

Perfect World Gold Hack

Do you looking for perfect world gold hack ? Now, you can download gold hack. This hack is working on most offical servers. How to use gold hack
1. Go to nightstalker village.
2. Go to the cords (112,295) it will be ontop of a rock. You wont be able to move forward as the restriction zone is infront
3. Open wallhack and input offsets (find these posted around the forums)
4. When wallhack is enabled, Enable your numpad and press 2. Contiune to keep pressing 2. You will need to push it once ever second as its restricted zone will force you out

5. This will take around 20 minutes. but you will end up passing restriction zone and end up been able to walk around. This is the old GM testing area
6. When you have passed the restricted zone, go to the cords (93,-2)
7. A quest will appear, it will auto complete and give 5000 gold
8. Go into your quest log and end the "Nicole Testing" quest
9. The quest will be automatically taken again

thx razorback elite

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Nov 16, 2009

Heal Pet Slot Hack

Do you looking heal pet slot hack perfect world ? With offset, you can use cheat heal pet slot new offset perfect world ? With offset perfect world, you can bot heal pet slot and you will get money. To use offset, you just login game then copy paste custom_offset to folder bot. Happy botting

Slot 1
Pet Lvl (Base Address + 20 + be0 + 10 + 20)
Pet Current HP (Base Address + 20 + be0 + 10 + 20 + 38)
Pet Loyalty (Base Address + 20 + be0 + 10 + 04)
Pet Experience (Base Address + 20 + be0 + 10 + 28)

Slot 2
Pet Current HP (Base Address + 20 + be0 +[(PetSlot - 1)* 4 + 10]+ 38...

download offset

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